Mario Miguel
Mario Miguel

Mario Miguel is an intern with the Church News. He spent two years as a reporter for BYU–Idaho’s news organization, Scroll. He grew up in Florida and graduated from BYU–Idaho with a degree in communication. In his free time, he loves rock climbing and watching movies.

Four Latter-day Saint members of the 2024 Utah Cowgirl Collective with the Days of '47 Rodeo talk about service, faith and preserving the Western lifestyle.

President Holland shares his Book of Mormon study insights, Elder Bednar and Sister Browning talk about covenants, and others share their thoughts on fatherhood and reaching out to "the one."

The Relief Society general presidency invited women to join in caring for those in need, and President Holland testified of the Book of Mormon.

The Prophet invites members to serve others, President Johnson and three Apostles share insights from their ministries around the world, and youth leaders share counsel on planning activities.

As they keep the commandments, Elder Bednar promises young adults they “cannot go amiss” in their decisions as they let God guide them.

Using the milk, families in Jordan can make dairy products and use the profits to purchase their own sheep and goats for a sustainable future.

The donation will help fund humanitarian efforts focused on health, education and women.

During the week of May 12-18, the Church News released a video with President Oaks on the influence women had on the growth of the Church in the Philippines, temple updates and the Church's humanitarian responses in Brazil and Papua New Guinea, plus four more stories.

Sister Spannaus says the "For the Strength of Youth" guide can help youth make better decisions, Sister Wright posts about integrity, Brother Wilcox on hymns, and President Pace asks members to bear “pure testimony.”

On social media this week, Young Women General President Emily Belle Freeman shares what unites Young Women leaders in councils, and President Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder Quentin L. Cook share video clips from recent talks.

From covenant-keeping to consent, the husband and wife of over 20 years taught students how they can navigate dating and prepare for marriage in a healthy, productive way.

The Church’s contributions are saving and improving the quality of the lives of women, children and migrants throughout the continent.

Born May 5, 1981, Sister Kristin M. Yee has served in the Relief Society general presidency since Aug. 1, 2022.

President Oaks reflects on the dedication of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple, President Holland urges his listeners to read the Book of Mormon, plus more.

Elder Bednar explains how to find peace, Sister Yee shares how God blesses ‘the one’, and others talks about the blessings of the Book of Mormon

Sister Browning speaks to Primary children about what they learned from conference, Elder Andersen shares conference trivia game, and Young Women leaders announce upcoming events.

President Freeman shares her post-conference routine, Young Men leaders say why they love the Aaronic Priesthood theme, Sister Spannaus offers scripture study tips and Sister Wright shares a quote on virtue.

The First Presidency all speak on temples and covenants, President Holland shares the admonition he received, and new apostle Elder Kearon speaks on God’s "relentless pursuit" of His children.

President Nelson has a pre-conference invitation, and Sister Browning says practice brings perspective on spiritual promptings.

Leading up to Easter, general leaders of the Church tell how the infinite Atonement of Jesus Christ blesses the lives of everyone.

President Nelson tells women the Church is strengthened by them, Elder Uchtdorf on “For the Strength of Youth,” Elder Andersen talks to youth about temple marriage, and several leaders post videos sharing their testimonies of Jesus Christ ahead of Easter.

Relief Society leaders look forward to the devotional for organization's 182nd anniversary, President Dallin H. Oaks teaches children about Christ, and Elder Patrick Kearon on Ramadan.

President Holland testifies God sent His Son to strengthen His children, Elder Uchtdorf talks about the Kirtland Temple, Sister Runia offers an idea for a spiritual nighttime routine and Elder Andersen shares about ministering in the Philippines.

FamilySearch curation managers shared how they have seen the hand of God as they oversee a process of digitizing million of records from across the globe.

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell blessed the factory workers with a greater understanding of the importance of their work, and the president of Paraguay spoke on faith.

Following a spiritual prompting to research her 2nd great-grandfather Dred Scott, Lynne M. Jackson embarked on a journey of researching, commemorating and making peace with her family history.

President Nelson asks members to follow the two great commandments, Relief Society leaders invite women to their upcoming devotional, Elder Christofferson teaches repentance and Elder Rasband ministers in Maui

Elder Ronald A. Rasband shares how he found strength after the death of his grandson, President Emily Belle Freeman explains how youth can lead and Elder Patrick Kearon looks at people are meant to have joy in this life.