4 charts show Church’s ongoing growth through 193 years

Numbers of Church members, dedicated temples, wards and branches, and stakes from 1830 to 2023

Growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — as measured by numbers of members, dedicated temples, congregations and stakes — continues 194 years after the faith’s founding.

Fever chart showing Church membership from 1830 to 2023.
Church membership topped 17.25 million during 2023. | Church News graphic

The 2023 statistical report for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was released April 6, during the Church’s 194th Annual General Conference. Church membership during 2023 topped 17.25 million, up more than a quarter-million from the end of 2022.

These charts are compiled using statistics from the Church Almanac, Church Newsroom and annual statistical reports read at or released during April general conferences.

Fever chart showing increase in number of Latter-day Saint temples from 1877 to 2023.
The number of dedicated temples reached 186 at the close of 2023, an increase of 11 from 2022. | Church News graphic

As 2023 closed, the Church had 186 dedicated temples. The 11 dedicated during 2023 were the San Juan Puerto Rico, Richmond Virginia, Helena Montana, Saratoga Springs Utah, Brasília Brazil, Bentonville Arkansas, Moses Lake Washington, McAllen Texas, Feather River California, Bangkok Thailand and Okinawa Japan temples.

So far in 2024, six temple have been dedicated: Lima Peru Los Olivos, Orem Utah, Red Cliffs Utah, Urdaneta Philippines, Puebla Mexico and Taylorsville Utah.

Fever chart showing increase in number of wards and branches from 1830 to 2023.
The number of Latter-day Saint congregations reached 31,490 during 2023. | Church News graphic
Fever chart showing number of stakes from 1834 to 2023.
The Church had 3,565 stakes at the close of 2023. | Church News graphic

The number of wards and branches increased from 31,330 to 31,490 during 2023, and the number of stakes from 3,521 to 3,565.

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